Wednesday, 3 October 2012

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  1. Hello Sir.
    I have visited your blogs and sites and I think you have an Eye of an Artist for developing such a property as ours. I have chosen to write you since you are the Decision Maker of your Company and there are no in-between brokers. Since our property is Ancestral you are talking to us as a group of relatives who have financial stakes being (grandchildren heirs)partowners of the said land. Below you will see the Exact Description of our Property.

    The property now owned by the Heirs of Felipe Madlangbayan) is a vast land classified as Pasteur Land up to 1980 but now vacant and bare Ipil-ipil trees abound in the upper Nortwest section of the property but now almost denuded. Aroma trees are present with cogon grass especially along the shoreline with some sandy portion towards the west end. A dog-legged shoreline of 4-5 kms is facing Sibuyan Sea and the land is situated in the Southern part of Marinduque Island south of Mt. Malindig generally sloping terrain with slight ravines. While on the Eastern section a 100-hectares sloping plain section is strewn with boulders and on the west portion side is bounded by moderately high cliffs.
    The exact Area consisting of 685(SIX HUNDRED EIGHTY FIVE ++)
    Hectares has a cliff view and just a few kilometers away by motor boat across ELEPHANT
    ISLAND,developed by the NEW owners into a World Class Resort named"Bellarocca Resort".
    This property, that I am referring to is owned by my ancestors(Great-great grandfather named Felipe Madlangbayan) while 70 Hectares were titled to some heirs 10 hectares each where awarded to 7 Families and it is available for sale at P380/square meters but if the buyer is willing to buy even the untitled on(es(Tax Declaration portion),thewholesale price would amount to P65 per square meters or a Total Sumof P445,250,000(FOUR HUNDRED FORTY-FIVE MILLION TWO HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND PESOS). SINCE 10 hectares were already TITLED, the remaining 615.7743Tax Declaration properties has to be titled by the ACTUAL BUYERS.
    In order to give you and your buyers an Idea of theproperty,according to my cousins who are staying in Marinduque, it isalready reachable by jeepneys within half an hour to 45 mins. from the townproper. It can be reached by plane in just around 45 mins.from Buenavista proper.The property has aggregate portions consisting of boulders and rocks that can be used in construction.It is feasiblefor a resort,Housing for Foreign Expats like Koreans, Japanese andother Nationalities. An 18-hole golf Course has been constructed in just a nearby Bgy. Yook by the Bellarocca developers.Other minerals are to be explored. Wooden forest are still untouched and can be sourced too. Also present at the base of the western section is a Natural Spring with a year-round water flow subject to a test first before drinking.
    For inquiries: My contact numbers are as follows:
    Cell nos: 09157280889/09277448535 .
    Note: The above prices are subject to negotiation.
    Very Truly yours,

    Angel Gonzales Abdon Jr.
    PRC#09226( my License in Real Estate-Philippines)
    c/o email:
    P>S> All pertinent papers( will follow as soon as you register a buyer thru email or formally in written black and white address to Mr. Luisito M. Austria (Atty-in-Fact,Heirs of Felipe Madlangbayan)Five Percent (5%)will be given to Mr. Abdon to share with other brokers depending on their agreement.
    Signed :
    Luisito Madlangbayan Austria